Saturday, October 24, 2009

#19 Milk Stout

Brewed: 22nd October, 2009

I had some different issues with my mash temperature for this brew. I lost more than normal from my strike temperature, but didn't lose as much as I normally do over the hour. It doesn't bode well for my consistency.

I was a bit suspicious that my thermometer was out, but I tested it at freezing and boiling and it seems to be correct at the extremes. I still have to do a comparison with some accurate thermometers around the mash temperature to be sure, but at the moment, I'm reasonably confident that it is not my thermometer. Maybe the different type of grains had a role in absorbing more temperature?

I also underestimated the sparge water required and came out about a litre under my pre-boil volume. That ended up working out in my favour though, because I had overestimated the boil loss and ended up with my target volume in the end. The original gravity came in close enough too and probably would have been too low if I had the extra litre or so there.

Finally, I'll need to remember to wear my glasses more in the future! I was splashed in the eye with hot water when filling the mash tun, which wasn't a pleasant experience.

The recipe (based on this one):

JW Pale Malt: 3175g
Carafa Special II: 450g
Crystal 135: 225g
Carapils: 225g
Roast: 225g

Perle (8.3% AA): 30g @ -60 minutes
Lactose: 500g @ -5 minutes

Mash time: 60 minutes
Target mash temperature: 70C
Start temp: 68C
Middle temp: 67.5C
End temp: 67.5C

Expected run-off: 26L
Actual run-off: 25L

Boil time: 60 minutes

Target volume: 19L
Actual volume: 19L
Target OG: 1056
Actual OG: 1053

Yeast: Coopers stout yeast, harvested from #17 Dark Ale
Ferment temperature: 18C

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