Thursday, October 15, 2009

#18 NSSA (Nelson Sauvin Summer Ale)

I did my 18th all-grain batch today. It is the second in a series of brews that I will be doing based on Ross' Summer Ale recipe, where I will be changing one variable at a time. In this batch, I am using a different, higher quality, yeast strain and trying to keep everything else the same.

Unfortunately, I've already had a couple of other differences. First of all, the mash lost three degrees over the hour instead of 1 degree the first time. It may have been because I started a lot earlier today when it was much cooler in the brewery. Next time, I'll try to compensate for that by heating up the mash tun before I add the grain so that I don't lose as much heat to the vessel while it warms up.

Secondly, I had an extra litre of wort into the kettle compared to last time. It was looking a bit thin towards the end, and I nearly stopped it early, but I didn't realise that I only took 29 litres last time. My original gravity is down too, which I suspect is at least partly from the extra volume. Last time my original gravity was over the expected gravity by two points.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to tasting the results of this batch with the different yeast, and to reusing the yeast for subsequent batches. I've got the yeast getting ready in a small starter now that I hope to step up tonight and pitch tomorrow.

Here's the recipe:
JW Pale Malt: 4500g
Torrified Wheat: 400g

Nelson Sauvin pellets (11.5% AA): 15g @ -80 mins
Nelson Sauvin pellets (11.5% AA): 15g @ -20 mins
Nelson Sauvin pellets (11.5% AA): 20g @ -5 mins
Nelson Sauvin pellets (11.5% AA): 25g in no-chill cube

Mash Time: 60 minutes
Mash Temperature
Start: 64.5C
Middle: 63.5C
End: 61.5C

Run-off: 30L

Boil Time: 90 minutes

Yeast: WLP001 - California Ale
Ferment temperature: 19C

Target OG: 1050
Actual OG: 1046

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