Monday, October 13, 2008

Gigs update 2008/10/13

Adding to yesterday's list, today I found out that Emiliana Torrini is playing at The Powerhouse in November and Fleet Foxes will be at The Tivoli in January. Details here.


Julien said...

Ah bummer, I'll be in Sydney because of the new job :-)

But wait, she'll play at The Metro Theatre in Sydney CBD on Monday 17th... I guess I just found something to do on what may have otherwise ended up as a lonely evening in a hotel room.

Thanks for the heads-up Kristian!

David Brennan said...

Hey Kris,

I just saw that some guy call Fergus Brown is playing with the 'other' Wainwright at the Tiv in a few weeks, are you going to be checking that out? Just went to see Timbaland and Chris Cornell at the Fillmore for Halloween, and surprisingly was more impressed with the former than the latter. The new music just doesn't let his (Chris) voice out, which is very much hiding the light under the bushel. More's the pity. And off to see Mr Ben at the Warfield in about a week and a half. Actually, been quite busy on the music front. Will email you and catch up,